Tips to choose your real estate agent to buy a home.

Choosing the right real estate agent or consultant is a very crucial part of the home buying process. It is very important for both of you to be on the same page and that can be done with transparency on step by step by clearing all your points. So there are few tips to choose your real estate agent:- 



  • Make your points about your requirement i.e. – Configuration you are looking, your Budget, your preferred areas.
  • Search 3-4 real estate agents on the Internet, working in your required area/project.-See their listings on real estate portals.
  • Discuss your points in short with the shortlisted agents on phone – This is like taking a telephonic interview of listed agents.
  • Ask for the email of the project along with the pricing and layout from the chosen consultants.
  • Compare all the details along with pricing and other details.
  • Ask for a face to face meeting with the selected ones, based on the emails they sent.
  • Have a meeting at your preferred place to see their views on your requirements and also discuss the fees of the preferred consultant if the deal is of resale. Remember don’t call at the same time and same point all of them.

  • Go for a site visit with your preferred one and clear your all doubts, share your view about the property take the pricing again is very imp as you can compare it with the other agent’s quotation.
  • This process will either take you on the same page and you will definitely get your deal or you need to repeat your 8th step again to get the right one.


Remember the right consultant or Agent is very imp in getting your right deal. As they do know the market very well and also don’t get involved with multiple agents for the same deal.

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