How to find your dream home?

Finding your dream home is nowadays a lot more difficult and confusing because of so many projects, their features, amenities… and Real estate consultants.  So here the answer of this question “How to find your dream home?” is much easier then you think, home buying is a process that needs to be followed properly to get a home that suits your as many as possible requirements and you will not be confused or end up getting calls from many real estate agents and builders.

So you must have already asked yourself a question that How to find your dream home? whether in Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, or Bangalore or incase any other place in India but the answer remains the same.

Here in this article, you can note down points about what you exactly want and how to find your dream home which can fulfill most of your requirements and luxuries.     

 First of all, don’t run in every direction and also read my another blog about questions to ask yourself before starting this process to find your dream home.

I am taking here the example to find a home in Gurugram(Gurgaon). Read and follow carefully these steps:-

1. Set your budget & location; You need to check your finances and set your budget at the very first step, then pin down your preferred locations according to your requirement or feasibility, take a look at Gurugram master plan 2031 for a better understanding of the area.


2. Use real estate platforms and search to know about the estimated pricing and basic understanding of projects in your preferred areas- This will also help you in deciding your budget and location more specifically.


3. Pin down your real estate consultant after interviewing 3 – 4 of them who work in your required areas. Discuss in detail your requirement and funds arrangement with your selected consultant. Do not indulge with every consultant.


4. Get the soft copies of societies/project with layouts (2/3/4 or 5BHK as per your requirement) and other details of the suited  3-4 societies located in your selected areas from your consultant along with prices. Compare them and select options according to your requirement.

 Then select the most suitable layouts for you and your family considering the amenities, security, and other facilities provided in the society.


5. Go for a site visit of the selected societies with your Property consultant.

Make your list of doubts and ask your questions and clear your doubts on the spot, check all the Taps, Doors, windows, electrical fittings, drainages, and seepage or any other equipment fitted. You can also make a video of the layout and the surroundings. Compare the amenities provided by other developers.


6. Take feedback from the residents and people staying nearby.

Choose the best-suited layout considering the other features and amenities of the project/society. If there is any doubt in your mind, before taking the final call. Just take out your car and drive around the selected project it will give you positive instincts that you are sure. This helps a lot.


7. Take advice from your consultant and know about the pros and cons, ask the consultant to get the best possible rate on your behalf for the selected apartment/house.

Verify the documents of the property very carefully and also ask your consultant to do the same. (meanwhile, also Keep your second option open with yourself, if anything goes wrong this will also help you in getting the right price.)


8. Ask your consultant to fix up a meeting with the seller (Owner/Developer) of the selected house or apartment. Firstly on the phone to know each other and also to check whether we all are on the same page and fix the time and place for the meeting.


9. Time for face to face meeting with the seller, your consultant will check all the legal documents of the property.keep in hand the booking amount to have your viable negotiation face to face on the basis of current scenario and deals going on in that particular society/project.


10. Before making final payments, check the selected property again Taps, Doors, windows, electrical fittings, seepage, and drainages, or any other equipment provided.

Book your dream home at the best possible price and get the receipt of your booking amount. Ask your consultant to prepare all the documents with the agreed payment timelines.


11. Finally, After making all the payment to the previous owner or to Builder/Developer, your consultant will get the registry done of your dream home pay the agreed fees of your consultant- if the property is of the resale market.

If in case of directly buying from the developer- You don’t need to pay any fees to the consultant. The developer takes the responsibility of all the paperwork including the stamp duty and registry part. Consultants receive their service fees from the developer. HAPPY LIVING!! 🙂



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